Cache auth0 access tokens

Using Upstash Redis cache tokens generated for Auth0 M2M

Cache auth0 access tokens

Checkout the repository for specifications on how to run it.


When communicating with microservices with Auth0 you will be required to generate tokens to communicate between services. Even though Auth0 allows for tokens to expire based on the configurations you need (1day - 30 days) on serverless architecture you will end up generating one per request due to stateless design.

The goal is an easy way to manage tokens on Upstash redis services between vercel api & other api authenticated with auth0.


To setup this project on your vercel application you can easily configure it following the readme file where you will:


Configure Upstash Redis

Setup a Upstash account to configure Redis to store the Access Tokens generated from auth0.


Configure Auth0

Configure a free Auth0 account to authenticate & authroize api request