Vercel's Server-Side Analytics

Track server-side analytics with Vercel + Upstash + Tinybird

Vercel's Server-Side Analytics

Checkout the repository for specifications on how to run it.


The goal of this project is to track API requests into Tinybird data pipeline, providing an easy way for your users to understand their activity/logs from your API.


To setup this project on your vercel application you can easily configure it following the readme file where you will:


Configure Upstash Kafka

Setup a Upstash account to configure a Kafka topic to listen to all events your api will trigger.


Configure Tinybird's Datasource

Configure Tinybird's data ingestion to collect the events received through kafka and store it on a data source to be exposed by APIs.


Configure Nextjs's Middleware

Using Next.JS middleware you can track server side api calls, tracking user's footprint and requests performances, sending the events to upstash.